The Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association has the following noble objects:

  • Culture
    • To promote and foster classical dance, music, performing art, literature, Indian visual art and craft.
    • To organise and conduct regular classes for various performing art forms, classical dance and literature.
    • To acquire, construct and maintain a Hindu Cultural Center to facilitate the above activities.
    • To organise workshops and seminars as appropriate to promote the above objects.
    • To organize publications for dissemination of knowledge.

  • Education
    • To promote the learning of Hindu philosophy, Saivam, classical languages and educational values of Hindu culture and Hindu Religion both in terms of theory and practice.
    • To organise and conduct regular classes, workshops and other appropriate learning activities for teaching the above.
    • To organise and conduct appropriate assessments to evaluate the learning outcomes.
    • To promote and facilitate research and educational activities related to Hindu culture, architecture and heritage.
    • To acquire, construct and maintain a Hindu Education Centre for imparting knowledge and practical training for kids, youth and adults.
    • To organise conferences and exhibitions with the assistance of scholars in these fields.

  • Hindu Rituals
    • To provide a forum and/or facilities for the worship and practice of religious activities and Hindu rituals and to foster the Hindu way of life.

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